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Toni's Gaited Ponies & Ozark Saga Icelandics


Welcome to our little farm in the Missouri Ozarks.  We are striving to raise quality gaited ponies with disposition and a size that can be enjoyed by the whole family.
The Missouri Fox Trotting Pony Registry opened their books in 2004 and our Stallion (now gelding) is #1 in the MFTPR.  He is also a Blue Papered Missouri Fox Trotter and Registered American Gaited Pony. 
If you are looking for a gaited pony or a Missouri Foxtrotting Pony, you have come to the right place. 

We also have a small herd of Registered Icelandics.  We raise a few foals every year.  The Icelandic has a long and interesting history.   

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 Registered Missouri Fox Trotting Ponies & Registered Icelandics

Fall Colors
Fall Colors 2011

We are proud to introduce LaCrem Knight In Shining Armor (Coal).  #1 MFTPR, MFTHBA and AGPR. 

LaCrem Knight In Shining Armor (Coal)

I have been involved with ponies since 1964 when I got my first Registered Shetland, Dolly Angel Of Snowkist Farms.  In 1969 I started showing harness ponies and riding ponies in  most of the events offered at the pony shows.  We also harness raced ponies, starting with shetland, welsh and hackneys,  then progressed to standardbred cross ponies.  Some of my ponies bloodlines go back to the first shetland/standardbred cross ponies we raced.  
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Toni and Lanny Meins

Or Call:  417  683-4475