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Toni's Gaited Ponies & Ozark Saga Icelandics

For Sale

Katla from Ozark Saga US2014204907.  Foaled 06-08-2014.  Katla is sired by Aegir from Klakahross and out of Ora from Helms Hill.  


End of Sale List, Please check back.  We welcome visitors and please call if you want more information about the Missouri Fox Trotting Pony or American Gaited Pony.
If you buy a pony from us we will be honest about that pony.  Most of the ponies we have for sale have been bred by us or we have owned them for quite a while.   We will not tell you that one is gaited if it does not gait.  We are breeding for gaited ponies but not every one that is a crossbred is going to have gait.  I have owned and raised gaited ponies since 1972.  This MFTPR Registry is new and all the ponies we produce now will be the foundation of the Missouri Fox Trotting Pony.  
Thank You
Toni and Lanny Meins
417  683-4475

Missouri Foxtrotter Connection