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Toni's Gaited Ponies & Ozark Saga Icelandics

Our Geldings

Loki from Arnarbaeli  US2104105171  (5-1-14)

Sire: Aegir from Klakahross
Dam: Bruda fra Braedratunga

Loki is not yet a gelding, but will be soon.   He is a 5 gaited colt out of an imported mare and his sire was imported in utero.  He shows a lot of tolt and will be started this spring.


We have a few geldings, some are available for sale.

Double C Colby  11-7282-G (4-13-11)
Registered Norweigan Fjord

Sire:  Reterra Gustaf Ret-J-966-S
Dam: Double C Nina 06-6360-M


Gunnar from Ozark Saga- US2015105060 (6-6-15)
Registered Icelandic

Sire: Thor from Schmaltopf
Dam:  Blama from Saga California


Pete, mini pony, was dumped and ended up here.
Not much info about him, he is about 5 years old.


LaCrem Knight in Shing Armour (Coal)
MFTHBA 01-71747
MFTPR    PR01-1

We are enjoying trail riding and doing obstacles since he is now a gelding.


Tex  (5-11-15)
Registered Missouri Fox Trotting Pony PR144-DNA

Sire: LaCrem Knight In Shining Armor (Coal)
Dam: Pippi Long Stockings- Gaited pony