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Toni's Gaited Ponies & Ozark Saga Icelandics


Freyfaxi from Schmalztopf  US1999104875.

Sire: Sorli from Schmalztoph
Dam: Hrafnhilda from Schmalztopf

Freyfaxi is our Icelandic stallion.  He is 5 gaited with massive bone and extreme amounts of mane and tail.  He is very laid back and calm, we are expecting his foals this spring.

Freyfaxi is now with Jinece Rees.



Asa from Arnarbaeli - US2000204588

Sire:  Glaesir from Husey 1st prize, 5 Gaited Stallion
Dam: Birta fra Nedri Vendheimum  2nd Prize (Imported)


Lilja from Arnarbaeli-  US2009204597

Sire:   Aegir from Klakahross 
Dam:  Asa from Arnarbaeli.


Halastjarna from Nordurstjarna- US98201120

Sired: Mimir from Slettunni
Dam:  Manadis from Slettunni.

Halastjarna is due to foal this spring by Freyfaxi, their last offspring was exceptional.  Check back for updates.


Ora from Helms Hill-  US1999204583

Sire:   Sindri fra Gardi
Dam:  Nott fra Tungu